Who Are We Anyways?

If there is anything this country needs right now, it’s three privileged white guys giving their unprompted opinions regarding whatever the hell they want to talk about.

We have 2 goals for this site: 1)  Discuss anything related to hockey (mostly Chicago Blackhawks and Dallas Stars), golf, beer, life 2) Riff.

This is the home of the Riff City podcast. Get ready for apathetic coverage of sports, nerding out about beer, and terrible riffs that last way too long.

We like to think we are similar to Men in Blazers, Faxes From Uncle Dale, the Sour Hour, and No Laying Up, but we also know we aren’t nearly as talented, organized, worthy of your time, or creative. Please enjoy our delusion of grandeur…or don’t. You definitely have more important things to do in your life than spend time on this blog.


Known as StreetsAheadRC digitally but goes by Braden Thompson in the physical world. Used to care about the Blackhawks enough to start a blog called Hawkey Analytics in 2013 then wrote for On the Forecheck for reasons he can’t quite explain. Disillusioned by the comments section, he stopped writing for On the Forecheck after the 2014-15 season. Then, feeling further disillusioned by the Chicago Blackhawks, he stopped watching the Hawks for the next two seasons. Now, searching for a hobby and encouraged by friends while drinking and riffing in various bars/breweries, he has created Riff City. A place to make long-winded, often underwhelming, jokes and discuss hockey (kind of).

Check him out on Twitter: StreetsAheadRC

Don’t email him. He won’t read it.

*Editor’s note: riffing refers to long, improvised jokes, not guitar riffs.




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