Site Rebrand

You may have noticed that we have rebranded Streets Ahead Analytics to be Riff City. 2 things: 1) you didn’t notice it was a rebrand because no one has been on this site in months and 2) I have invited more contributors to the blog. You will regret being acquainted with them soon enough.

The main purpose of this rebrand is to make blogging and writing more fun. We won’t be making money through this so the thought of spending precious free time writing game previews and recaps seems pointless. There are already so many more talented writers out there doing that.

We also don’t want to be bogged down by one topic. We love hockey, but we don’t fixate on it with every waking thought. We also like golf, beer, riffing…

Now seems appropriate to mention THIS IS NOT A MUSIC BLOG. There are two definitions for a riff. We choose to acknowledge the lesser used application: a monologue or spoken improvisation, especially a humorous one, on a particular subject.

This is a blog to talk about hockey, golf, beer, and general nonsense…actually, mostly general nonsense. We hope to start posting more often, with a focus on the Chicago Blackhawks, Vegas Golden Knights, maybe the Dallas Stars, golf, and beer. Our biggest goal is to release a monthly podcast, eventually releasing more frequently if we actually are good at it (we won’t be).

Welcome to Riff City. Population: 1 (seriously, odds are good that you are the only one on the site right now)